Ordering Liquid Density Standards


Liquid Density Standards are priced at £72.50GBP per ~10ml ampoule.

Most liquids are usually available from stock.

How to Order Liquid Density Standards

To order Liquid Density Standards, email sales@density.co.uk or call +44 (0)1352 720 774. We accept a range of payment methods.

Ideally, you should calibrate your density meter using two standards, with densities either side of the range in which you are working. Choose your liquids from the table below.

LiquidDensity at 20°C (kg/m³)Temperature Range (°C)Uncertainty (kg/m³)
2,2,4 trimethylpentane69215-25±0.005
Jet A-179010-30±0.010
Lube oil Largo ~8 mPa·s @40°C82410-50±0.010
Lube oil Largo ~32 mPa·s @40°C86710-50±0.010
Lube oil Largo ~22 mPa·s @ 40°C89715-50±0.010
Lube 460 ~460 mPa·s @ 40°C
Ethanol in water ~40% ABV95020±0.030
Ethanol in water ~9% ABV98520±0.010
Coastal Seawater102410-35±0.010
Ocean Seawater102910-35±0.010
Dextrose in water ~10% w/w103720±0.010
Dimethylphthalate ~17mPa·s @20°C119115-25±0.010
Sodium bromide in water ~27% w/w124915-25±0.025
Caesium chloride ~48% w/w155315-25±0.020

Remember! Your density meter is only as good as its last calibration.


The UK delivery charge is £19GBP. Carriage costs for deliveries outside the UK will depend upon the destination and the weight of the shipment.

We are able to accommodate customers who wish to use their own carrier, however an administration fee may be charged. Any consignment going outside the UK which contains 2,2,4 trimethylpentane, Ethanol ~40% or Tetrachloroethylene must travel by our carrier, since these are classified as dangerous goods for air travel and few carriers will accept them.