Liquid Density Standards

Liquid Density Standards

We produce Liquid Density Standards which are calibrated under our ISO 17025 accreditation. These are supplied in sealed glass ampoules which hold around 10ml, and come complete with their calibration certificates. These Liquid Density Standards are linked to recognised national standards of mass, pressure and temperature, and provide an effective route to traceable calibration for all types of laboratory density meter.

We produce a range of standards to meet the requirements of a wide variety of industries and applications. We can supply Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) data for each type of liquid used.

The calibration certificate supplied with each ampoule shows the densities determined by hydrostatic weighing for that particular batch of liquid. Some liquids are only calibrated at 20°C, others over a wide range of temperatures. We only supply liquids which have passed through the hydrostatic weighing system, thus ensuring that the standards are of the highest quality.

Our Range of Standards

The following Liquid Density Standards are normally available from stock – see ordering information for more details.

LiquidDensity at 20°C (kg/m³)Temperature Range (°C)Uncertainty (kg/m³)
2,2,4 trimethylpentane69215-25±0.005
Lube oil Largo ~8 mPa·s @40°C82410-50±0.010
Lube oil Largo ~32 mPa·s @40°C86710-50±0.010
Lube oil Largo ~22 mPa·s @ 40°C89715-50±0.010
Ethanol in water ~40% ABV95020±0.030
Ethanol in water ~ 9% ABV98620±0.010
Water (multi temperature)99810-50±0.010
Coastal Seawater102410-35±0.010
Ocean Seawater102910-35±0.010
Dextrose in water ~10% w/w103720±0.010
Dimethylphthalate ~17mPa·s @20°C119115-25±0.010
Sodium bromide in water ~27% w/w124915-25±0.025
Caesium chloride ~48% w/w155315-25±0.020