Ordering Density Meter Calibrations


Standard Prices

The calibration of a standard hand-held density meter, such as an Anton Paar DMA 35 series, calibrated at 20°C, using three liquids, is £320.00.

We are also able to calibrate at any temperature between +5°C to +50°C, and using any liquid from our extensive liquid density standards range. Please contact us for further details and prices.

For prices for the calibration of bench-top instruments and on-line instruments, please contact us.

Standard calibrations are performed at our laboratory in North Wales.


The UK standard charge is £24.00 and is normally next day delivery. DHL carriage costs for deliveries outside the UK will depend upon the destination and the weight of the shipment.

For prices for the carriage of bench-top instruments and on-line instruments, please contact us.

How to order Density Meter Calibrations

To order a density meter calibration, email sales@density.co.uk or call +44 (0)1352 720 774. We accept a range of payment methods.

Please read the important information below before sending your instrument for calibration.

Calibration range

The linearity of density meters differs from model to model (and sometimes even between instruments of the same model). We therefore recommend that the calibration range should be restricted to the density range over which the meter is used.

You should use the density meter calibration form at the bottom of the page to indicate the range over which your meter is used. Please note that work cannot begin until we have received your completed form.

Notice of arrival

When sending density meters to us for calibration we would appreciate prior notice of their arrival, especially if they are to be temporarily imported. A failure to do this may result in an extensive delay at Customs. In addition to the delay, taxes and import duties may be levied.

By informing us in advance, and following our instructions, you will enable us to utilise the UK Customs ‘Inward Processing Relief’ service, thus avoiding delay and duties.

Hazardous substances

If the meter has been used in conjunction with any hazardous liquids, please inform us of this when sending the instrument. This can be done using the density meter calibration form. Please ensure that the meter is clean and free of residue. Should we have to clean the instrument prior to calibration, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee.

Hazardous materials include chemical (e.g. strong acid or alkali), biological (e.g. blood, urine) or any radioactive material.

Density meter calibration form

Please fill out the form below for the calibration of your density meter.

Calibration Form