Alcofloat Spirit Test Kit

The Alcofloat Spirit Test Kit was developed by H&D Fitzgerald Ltd in conjunction with a major pub and restaurant chain, and with advice from a leading Trading Standards office.

Why do licensed premises need it?

Although the trade has taken steps over recent years to enable a licensee or an owner to detect and prevent ‘Authenticity Fraud’ through the issue of ‘dipstick’ test papers, the question of ‘added water’ has been difficult to detect, unless the licensee has been able to use a hydrometer.

First offence fines have been well in excess of £10,000 plus costs.

Many pub chain owners are putting the onus for ensuring the product meets its legal description, which includes the ABV, firmly on the shoulders of the licensee. A defence of ‘due diligence’ can only be entered if the licensee and / or owner keep accurate records of the results of regular tests on a wide range of spirits sold in the establishment.

H&D Fitzgerald’s Alcofloat Spirit Test Kit offers a quick and easy solution for detecting ‘watering down’ of branded spirits.

Why do verification offices need it?

The alcofloat has been in use since 2004, and those trading standards authorities who use it routinely have reported that it is a definite deterrent against ‘watering’ of spirits. The sample size, approximately 1.5ml, is much less than needed for a traditional spirit test kit, so reducing testing costs. The instrument is easy to use covertly, so not drawing the licensee’s attention to the check, but is supplied in a bright red clearly labelled case so that when used overtly, it will send a clear message to licensees and bar staff.

The Alcofloat Spirit Test Kit offers:

  • A quick and easy to use method of detecting ‘added water’ in branded spirits.
  • An instrument kit manufactured in compliance with ISO 17025 and supplied with a UKAS calibration certificate.
  • A ‘due diligence’ defence for use in any legal proceedings and industrial tribunals.
  • A system that requires a minimal amount – approximately 1.5ml, or a 1/4 of a teaspoon – of test spirit, avoiding wastage and producing significant savings if industry ‘best practices’ are followed.
  • Two available models, depending upon your needs.

For detailed pricing information and instructions on how to order, see Ordering Alcofloats.