Density Calculators

The calculators in this section are based on widely accepted equations and have been developed by H&D Fitzgerald as a freely available resource for anyone studying the measurement of density. H&D Fitzgerald is recognised as a leading world authority on density metrology, and the calculators in this section are not available anywhere else on the web.

All calculators are freely available for anyone to use, however we respectfully request that any subsequent use of this work be acknowledged in the form of appropriate references.

Calculators Currently Available:

Calculators terms of use

Please note that whilst the calculators have been developed by experts, with every care being taken to ensure their accuracy by a process of thorough validation, H&D Fitzgerald Ltd. accepts no liability whatsoever for loss or damage of any nature, which may be attributable to their use. All warranties are disclaimed, and ultimate responsibility for the use of the results obtained rests solely with you the user.


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